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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most common questions about DIRECTV.

MiDIRECTV ONLINE PAYMENT (Prepaid and Postpaid)

Pay your bill or top up Online with MiDIRECTV!


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Discover the Interactive Prepaid DIRECTV Portal (CHANNEL 100)

What is DIRECTV Pre-paid?

How does it work?

What is a top up?

How do I top up?

How much does pre-paid cost?

What do I get in the pre-paid kit?

How do I install?

What packages are available?

Do I pay for the days I don’t watch TV/when my TV is off?

How long will it take for the channels to come on after I top up?

How many boxes can I get with pre-paid?

Can I top up before my days have ended??

New HD Guide

What needs to be done to see the New Guide in HD?

How do I connect my Set Top box to the TV?

What are the major changes included in the New HD Guide?

What are the changes in the new Info Banner?

What is the four hours Standby Power Save mode?

What content is showing on MiDIRECTV?

What happens when I have both and SD and a HD set-top box in my home?

What happens in households where there is not an HD TV but have HD Set Top Boxes?

What happens with guide’s resolution when connecting a RCA cable from an HD set-top box to a HD TV?

Is it possible to see the new HD Guide with SD Set Top Boxes?


Will my monthly fee be very high?

If I get DIRECTV programming on more than one TV, do I pay a full subscription for each TV?

How are customers billed for DIRECTV programming?


How many channels do I get with DIRECTV?


Can I bring a DIRECTV box in from the USA?

Can I use the existing wiring in my house with my DIRECTV System?


Can I view different channels in different rooms?

Can I get DIRECTV if I live in an apartment or condominium?

Will I get good reception with DIRECTV?


Can I use the existing wiring in my house with the DIRECTV service?

What is the DIRECTV System?

Remote Control

What is the Smart Search?

My remote control doesn't work. What can I do?

My remote control works with my DIRECTV Receiver, but not with my TV, VCR or DVD Player. What can I do?


How do I record the program I am currently viewing?

How do I record the entire series I am currently viewing?

How do I view a program I previously recorded?

How do I record a program while I am watching another one?

Control Plus™

CONTROL Plus Remote Recording Service™

Using CONTROL Plus™

CONTROL Plus™ Recording Confirmation

Using CONTROL Plus™ with a Digital receiver

Recording a program in progress

Recording a program not included in the programming package using CONTROL Plus™

CONTROL Plus™ Recording Conflicts and Priorities



DIRECTV HD™ advantages

DIRECTV HD™ Receiver

High Definition Digital Television (HDTV)

Difference between High Definition television (HD) and Standard TV (SD)

High Definition for standard television

Difference between interlaced and progressive

Difference between 4:3 vs. 16:9 aspect ratio

The digital picture on the TV does not fill the entire screen

Difference between HDMI and RCA cables

Is an HD television (HDTV) required for the DIRECTV service

Digital Television on an analog TV set

Digital television in a High Definition TV set

Are VCR, DVD Player, camcorders and game consoles compatible with digital TV

Differences between Plasma and LCD TVs

Dolby Digital

Pay Per View Movies

How do I order Pay Per View, special events or other programming services from DIRECTV?

How to cancel a Pay Per View purchase?

Are there Parental Control features?