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Majors Golf Tournaments

Channels 610 SD | 1610 HD

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DIRECTV offers you the most complete coverage of the Major Golf Tournaments, with an interactive, exclusive and unique broadcast. Get instant access to results and statistics, enjoy up to 4 simultaneous games with the Mix Channel and follow all the action closely.

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Experience all the action of Augusta Masters

From April 3rd to the 9th | Interactive mosaic, Channel 601

From Augusta, Georgia, DIRECTV and ESPN XTRA present the first Major of the year. Experience the Interactive Mosaic, with access to the leaderboard, scorecard, statistics and more.


Keep tabs on your favorite player’s scores throughout the whole tournament, directly on your screen.


This interactive board keeps you up to date with real-time scores for all the players without missing a stroke.

Mix Channel

Watch up to 4 live rounds on one screen with interactive features, including rounds airing in different channels. Plus, select any round and watch it- instantly!

Masters of Augusta

First Major Tournament of the year in Augusta National Golf Club.

US Open

Second Major Tournament of the year from Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

British Open

The Open Championship is the third tournament and is held in Muirfield, Scotland.

PGA Championship

The last tournament of the year, directly from Roschester, New York.

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