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A simpler experience.



Browse Easier

Browse Easier

Favourite Programming

See all your Favourite Programming in one place

See all your recording

See all your recording in an easy and organized library

Home Lander (Menu): It will be the center of the new experience, which will acquire functionalities from other screens of the current interface and will display curated content through carousels.

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Main Menu

To access the main screen, press the MENU button on the remote control. Within it you will find the following sections:

1.Navigation Bar: Press the MENU button on your remote control again from anywhere on the main screen to go to the navigation bar. From the navigation bar you can access the following functionalities: Profile, Search, TV Guide, Browse, Recordings, Messages and Settings.

2.News: Here you will see the latest news that DIRECTV has for you.

3.Recent channels: You will find quick access to the last channels you have tuned in.

4.Featured Content: You will find different categories with outstanding sports content, series, kids programming, and more!. Tip: To close the main screen, press EXIT on your remote control.

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The Explore section allows you to find all the content in an organized way. You can find all Live programming and be able to filter by type and genre, to make it easier for you to find it. Access Explore from the main screen navigation bar by selecting EXPLORE.

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Live Programming Guide

The new design of the programming guide enhances your experience. You can access the program guide from the TV GUIDE button on the main screen navigation bar, or by pressing the GUIDE button on your remote control.

Once you are in the programming guide, you can press the GUIDE button again to access your favorite channel lists or filter them by categories, so you can find them quickly and easily.

To add a channel to your favorite channel lists, select img-favorite.png which you will find in the Mini-Guide.


The Mini - Guide

While you are watching any channel you can access the mini guide by pressing the left and right arrow buttons on your remote control or press the INFO button.

With the Mini-Guide you can see information about the program you are watching or scroll sideways to see information about the programs that are on the other channels.

With the Mini-Guide you can also:

  • LAST 4: Quick access to the last 4 tuned channels.
  • INFO: Detailed information about the program you are watching.
  • SUBTITLES: Select the subtitle language.
  • AUDIO: Select the audio language.
  • FAVORITE: Add the channel you are watching to your favorite channel lists.

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You can search for live programming.

Access from the 🔍 button in the navigation bar of the main screen.

If you select a Live program  that will be broadcasted in the future, you can schedule it to record.


Recordings page

Your recordings are now displayed in a simpler way, with posters and sorted by series, movies or individual shows. Access the recordings section from the main screen navigation bar by selecting img-recordings.png or pressing the LIST button on your remote.

  1. Future recordings: From the "Future Recordings" section you can keep track of the recordings you have scheduled and edit their preferences.
  2. Recordings settings:
    • •Default settings: From here you can select the default settings for your recordings.
    • •Recordings priority: From here you can assign priority to your scheduled recordings. If there are programs that are broadcast at the same time, select which one you prefer to give priority to be recorded.
    • •DVR storage: Here you can check the percentage of storage used on your disk.
  3. Delete: You can delete each program individually or delete all the programs within a category at the same time. You can also press "Select All" to delete all your recordings.Once you have selected what you want to remove, press "Remove Selected".
  4. How to record?: You can record the show you are watching by pressing the R button on your remote. If you want to schedule the recording of a show that will be broadcast in the future, look for it in the programming guide and once you have found it, press R on your remote control. If you want to schedule a to series recording, press R twice, and a notification will appear giving you various options. Select "Record Series". Now future episodes of the selected show will be recorded.
  5. Cancel serial recording: If you want to cancel a to series recording, find an episode of the show you want to cancel in the programming guide (you will see that it has a red icon that indicates that the recording is scheduled) and press the R button. A notification will appear with several options. Select "Series Setup" and then select "Stop Series".

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You can access the Profile section from the img-recordings.png PROFILE ICON, button on the Home navigation bar.

Here you can edit your favorite channel lists:

  • •Remove channels from the list
  • •Edit the list name