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What is DIRECTV Plus HD?

DIRECTV Plus HD changes your entertainment experience. Record, pause, forward and rewind live TV, and in High Definition. You decide what movie or show to see, how and when. It's just as if your TV waited for you!

Discover all the benefits that DIRECTV Plus HD has for you

Your favorite programming in stunning High Definition

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Record, pause and rewind TV with the best image quality with up to 1080 lines of resolution and Dolby Digital 5.1 for an immersive experience.

Differential benefits

Record what you want

Record two programs while watching an already recorded one, and store 100 hours of HD content & 400 hours of SD.

Save what you like

Save your favorite series seasons and fill your own video gallery with programming you want to watch over and over again.


You no longer need a remote control. You can record with your computer or smartphone from anywhere.

Smart search

With the advanced search, you'll be able to find programs by title, actor, keywords and more, just in a few seconds.

Basic functions

Fast forward and rewind live programming

  • Control any program live, recorded or while recording.
  • Fast forward and rewind in different speeds: 2x, 3x and 4x.
  • Rewind up to 90 minutes of programming you've been watching.

Record your favorite programming without missing anything

  • Record an entire season of a series or novel with just two clicks on the remote control.
  • Record two shows at the same time while you watch an already recorded one.
  • Store up to 100 hours of programming and enjoy your own gallery with your favorite movies.

Access your list of recorded programs

  • Manage your recordings the way you want.
  • Set recording preferences.

Surf through programming and record easily

  • Browse programming details of the next 7 days.
  • Access programs details such as year of production, director and actors.

Pause live programming, your programs wait for you

  • Pause up to 90 minutes of programming.
  • Pause a live, recorded or being-recorded program.

Repeat the last scene just by pushing a button

  • Enjoy live repetitions as many times as you like.
  • Keep rewinding in 7-second intervals each time you press the button.

Go back to live programming instantly

  • Works at any time after pausing.
  • Works if you're recording, forwarding, rewinding or pausing.
  • Keep pushing the button to go back to live programming.
  • Fast forward in 30-seconds intervals.

Discover how to use the functionalities of your remote control

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CONTROL Plus. Everything under control, wherever you are

With this free tool, exclusively for DIRECTV Plus HD customers, your computer or mobile phone becomes a remote control. Record your favorite programming wherever, whenever and however you want without having to be at home.

Mobile phone

From your mobile you can find your favorite program or the premiere of that movie that you wanted to see and set them to record on your DVR.

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Go to the Programming Guide pick the program you prefer, click the recording button and your show will be ready to watch on your DVR.

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