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DIRECTV Receivers are designed from the bottom up to give you an unrivaled TV experience. Whether you choose the standard DIGITAL model, the DIRECTV Plus™ DVR or the state-of-the-art DIRECTV Plus HD™ DVR, you’ll have the highest quality 100% digital technology that gives you maximum convenience and flexibility in entertainment.

Comparison Chart

Receiver Features DIRECTV
Included in DIRECTV Digital plan
Plus™ DVR
Included in DIRECTV Plus plan
Plus HD™ DVR
Included in DIRECTV HD plan
100% Digital picture and sound quality Yes Yes Yes
On-screen programming guide Yes Yes Yes
Parental block by time, age and channel Yes Yes Yes
Search your favorite programming by name, channel and key word Yes Yes Yes
Universal remote control, friendly and easy to use Yes Yes Yes
Special multi-camera transmissions Yes Yes Yes
Change of audio language Yes Yes Yes
Transmission in widescreen 16:9 format Yes Yes Yes
Record, pause and rewind live television   Yes Yes
Instant replays of the last 7 seconds with the touch of a button   Yes Yes
Record entire series with two clicks of a button   Yes Yes
Record 2 shows while watching one that is already recorded   Yes Yes
Record up to 100 hours of programming   Yes  
Record up to 200 hours of Standard Definition programming     Yes
Record up to 50 hours of High Definition programming     Yes
Picture quality with 8 times the detail superior to cable     Yes
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound   Yes Yes
Access to 10 channels in High Definition     Yes

Basic Features

100% digital picture and sound

100% digital picture and sound With better image and sound quality, DIRECTV offers an unparalleled TV experience thanks to its modern technology.

Programming guide

Programming guide Find current shows and search up to 14 days in advance right on your screen. Quickly and easily, you’ll have access to what you’re looking for.

Parental block

Parental block Enjoy peace of mind over what your children are watching by controlling the content. Easily lock out programming by time, age and channel.

Advanced search features

Advanced search features Find shows in a snap with the Customized Guide or Favorite Channels. Also, you can search by name, actor, key word and more.

Language options

Language options Switch the language from English to Spanish with the click of a button.

Universal remote control

Universal remote control Friendly and easy to use, you can access all the functions of your receiver as well as control your TV, DVD or other system.

Protection Plan

Direct Cover

Direct Cover This coverage plan is optional and protects customers from any of the following unexpected inconveniences: a) The DIRECTV receiver is stolen, b) The DIRECTV receiver fails to function properly, c) Special technical service visits are requested.

Take your TV experience to the next level with the latest technology in receivers.

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  • Enjoy the best TV experience with our 100% digital DIRECTV receivers
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