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30 Days of Night

2007 |

Genre: Horror,Widescreen

Rating: R

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In the far Northern Hemisphere, the small town of Barrow, Alaska, experiences a solid month of darkness every year. Though most of the residents head south for the winter, some townspeople remain behind. However, those that stay regret their decision when, one year, hungry vampires descend on Barrow to feed. Sheriff Eben (Josh Hartnett), his wife (Melissa George) and a dwindling band of survivors must try to last until dawn breaks over Barrow's monthlong twilight.

Additional Details

  • Duration: 
  • Rating: R
  • Date: 2007

Cast & Crew

David Slade

Amber Sainsbury
Ben Foster
Brian Nelson
Danny Huston
Joe Drake
Josh Hartnett
Manu Bennett
Mark Boone Junior
Mark Rendall
Melissa George
Mike Richardson
Nathan Kahane
Robert Tapert
Sam Raimi
Steve Niles
Stuart Beattie