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Welcome the future of TV into your home

DIRECTV Digital offers over 60 channels and a wide selection of programming. Along with DIRECTV Digital’s receiver latest technology you get advanced search features, custom programming guides, parental block and much more. Enjoy television, your way.

DIRECTV Digital delivers the best entertainment and technology:


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Basic features

100% digital picture and sound

DIRECTV offers an unparalleled television experience thanks to its modern technology providing the best image and sound quality.

Programming Guide

Check today’s programming and the following 14 days right on your screen. In a quick and easy way you will have access to the programming content you’re looking for.

Parental block

Enjoy peace of mind by managing what your children are watching. This feature allows you to easily block shows by time, age and channel.

Advanced Search

Find your favorite shows at once with your Customized Guide and Favorite Channels. Also, you can search by name, actor, keyword and more.

Language options

Quickly select your preferred audio language and subtitles to fully enjoy your favorite shows.

Universal remote control

Friendly and easy to use, you can access all the features of your receiver and also manage your TV, DVD, or any other system.

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Digital Receiver

The DIRECTV Digital receiver delivers features that will offer you an unparalleled TV experience. With advanced search functions, programming guide and much more, DIRECTV’s latest technology lets you enjoy television, your way.

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Access all sports without changing channels

As part of the best entertainment experience, DIRECTV offers interactive features such as Sportsguide, an interactive on-screen menu that shows schedules and sports games available on the system. Also available, the exclusive Interactive Mix Channel Results and Standings tables, and more. These features are available by clicking the red button on the remote.