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    American Football Conference

  • New York Jets

    Established: In 1960 Stadium: MetLife Stadium
    17.0 (19th) pts
    329.0 (21th) yds
    292.0 (12th) pass yds
    37.0 (29th) rush yds
  • New England Patriots

    Established: In 1960 Stadium: Gillette Stadium
    31.0 (4th) pts
    442.0 (3rd) yds
    194.0 (21st) pass yds
    248.0 (1st) rush yds
  • Buffalo Bills

    Established: In 1960 Stadium: Ralph Wilson Stadium
    44.0 (2nd) pts
    451.0 (2nd) yds
    315.0 (2nd) pass yds
    136.0 (4th) rush yds
  • Miami Dolphins

    Established: In 1966 Stadium: Sun Life Stadium
    23.5 (10th) pts
    344.0 (10th) yds
    235.5 (11th) pass yds
    108.5 (15th) rush yds
  • Baltimore Ravens

    Established: In 1996 Stadium: M&T Bank Stadium
    44.0 (1st) pts
    332.0 (12th) yds
    204.0 (17th) pass yds
    128.0 (8th) rush yds
  • Cleveland Browns

    Established: In 1946 Stadium: FirstEnergy Stadium
    27.0 (7th) pts
    320.0 (16th) yds
    238.0 (10th) pass yds
    82.0 (23rd) rush yds
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

    Established: In 1933 Stadium: Heinz Field
    13.0 (26th) pts
    218.0 (31st) yds
    124.0 (31st) pass yds
    94.0 (16th) rush yds
  • Cincinnati Bengals

    Established: In 1968 Stadium: Paul Brown Stadium
    34.0 (3rd) pts
    434.0 (5th) yds
    204.0 (18th) pass yds
    230.0 (2nd) rush yds
  • Houston Texans

    Established: In 2002 Stadium: Reliant Stadium
    27.0 (6th) pts
    439.0 (4th) yds
    306.0 (4th) pass yds
    133.0 (5th) rush yds
  • Jacksonville Jaguars

    Established: In 1995 Stadium: EverBank Field
    3.0 (31st) pts
    289.0 (20th) yds
    163.0 (26th) pass yds
    126.0 (10th) rush yds
  • Indianapolis Colts

    Established: In 1944 Stadium: Lucas Oil Stadium
    20.0 (15th) pts
    288.0 (22th) yds
    216.0 (14th) pass yds
    72.0 (27th) rush yds
  • Tennessee Titans

    Established: In 1960 Stadium: LP Field
    21.0 (13th) pts
    269.0 (26th) yds
    143.0 (29th) pass yds
    126.0 (9th) rush yds
  • San Diego Chargers

    Established: In 1960 Stadium: Qualcomm Stadium
    10.0 (27th) pts
    238.0 (28th) yds
    164.0 (25th) pass yds
    74.0 (26th) rush yds
  • Denver Broncos

    Established: In 1960 Stadium: Sports Authority Field at Mile High
    10.0 (29th) pts
    220.0 (30th) yds
    103.0 (32nd) pass yds
    117.0 (13th) rush yds
  • Oakland Raiders

    Established: In 1960 Stadium: Coliseum
    19.0 (17th) pts
    325.0 (14th) yds
    209.0 (16th) pass yds
    116.0 (14th) rush yds
  • Kansas City Chiefs

    Established: In 1960 Stadium: Arrowhead Stadium
    13.0 (24th) pts
    215.0 (32nd) yds
    156.0 (28th) pass yds
    59.0 (30th) rush yds

    National Football Conference

  • Dallas Cowboys

    Established: In 1960 Stadium: AT&T Stadium
    20.5 (14th) pts
    278.5 (23rd) yds
    158.5 (27th) pass yds
    120.0 (11th) rush yds
  • Washington Redskins

    Established: In 1932 Stadium: FedExField
    22.0 (12th) pts
    359.0 (8th) yds
    196.0 (20th) pass yds
    163.0 (3rd) rush yds
  • Philadelphia Eagles

    Established: In 1933 Stadium: Lincoln Financial Field
    22.0 (11th) pts
    452.0 (1st) yds
    312.0 (1st) pass yds
    131.0 (6th) rush yds
  • New York Giants

    Established: In 1925 Stadium: MetLife Stadium
    18.0 (18th) pts
    275.0 (24th) yds
    191.0 (23rd) pass yds
    84.0 (22nd) rush yds
  • Detroit Lions

    Established: In 1930 Stadium: Ford Field
    26.0 (8th) pts
    322.0 (15th) yds
    241.0 (9th) pass yds
    81.0 (24th) rush yds
  • Chicago Bears

    Established: In 1920 Stadium: Soldier Field
    17.0 (21st) pts
    291.0 (19th) yds
    222.0 (13th) pass yds
    70.0 (28th) rush yds
  • Minnesota Vikings

    Established: In 1961 Stadium: Mall of America Field
    13.0 (25th) pts
    296.0 (17th) yds
    245.0 (8th) pass yds
    51.0 (31st) rush yds
  • Green Bay Packers

    Established: In 1921 Stadium: Lambeau Field
    0.0 (32nd) pts
    223.0 (29th) yds
    134.0 (30th) pass yds
    89.0 (21st) rush yds
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Established: In 1976 Stadium: Raymond James Stadium
    16.0 (23rd) pts
    273.0 (25th) yds
    193.0 (22nd) pass yds
    80.0 (25th) rush yds
  • Atlanta Falcons

    Established: In 1966 Stadium: Georgia Dome
    10.0 (28th) pts
    268.0 (27th) yds
    176.0 (24th) pass yds
    92.0 (19th) rush yds
  • Carolina Panthers

    Established: In 1995 Stadium: Bank of America Stadium
    24.0 (9th) pts
    292.0 (18th) yds
    200.0 (19th) pass yds
    92.0 (17th) rush yds
  • New Orleans Saints

    Established: In 1967 Stadium: Mercedes-Benz Superdome
    17.0 (20th) pts
    427.0 (6th) yds
    308.0 (3rd) pass yds
    119.0 (12th) rush yds
  • Arizona Cardinals

    Established: In 1920 Stadium: University of Phoenix
    17.0 (22nd) pts
    355.0 (9th) yds
    263.0 (7th) pass yds
    92.0 (20th) rush yds
  • San Francisco 49ers

    Established: In 1946 Stadium: Candlestick Park
    6.0 (30th) pts
    288.0 (21st) yds
    227.0 (12th) pass yds
    61.0 (29th) rush yds
  • Seattle Seahawks

    Established: In 1976 Stadium: CenturyLink Field
    31.0 (5th) pts
    339.0 (11th) yds
    210.0 (15th) pass yds
    129.0 (7th) rush yds
  • St. Louis Rams

    Established: In 1937 Stadium: Edward Jones Dome
    19.0 (16th) pts
    396.0 (7th) yds
    304.0 (5th) pass yds
    92.0 (18th) rush yds

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Don’t miss the year's most anticipated football game from the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos
Sunday, February 2nd | 7:30 p.m. | Fox Sports & ESPN | Channels 606 & 620

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