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NBA League Pass

Experience the adrenaline of the NBA

Season 2016-2017 of basketball’s most important tournament arrives to your screen, and once more DIRECTV offers you the best coverage with the NBA League Pass Premium Package.

From October 25th 2016, watch live games, follow your favorite teams and see the best players in action. Plus, from April 15th 2017 don’t miss the Playoffs, and the exciting Finals from June 1st to 18th 2017.

Enjoy the world’s best basketball

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All the games

Follow all the live action of the exciting Playoffs and NBA Finals.

Follow all the action

Follow your favourite teams and players when they catch every rebound and score every point.

  • All games on all your devices with NBA League Pass!
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Nobody gives you more in sports

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Up to 6 matches live in a single screen with the exclusive Mix Channel.

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